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Almost Married is a rom-com that is neither sentimental nor especially interesting, however I assume some may propose a film managing a genuine STD shouldn’t be. The casualty of said venereal malady is everyman Kyle, played by a fairly agreeable Philip McGinley, who finds his disease taking after his single guy gathering organized by best man Jarvis. Jarvis, played by Mark Stobbart, is the movies lighthearted element, an expression which here means the character who says the most indecent things and is for the most part a touch of an arsehole. Jarvis and Kyle cooperate as they attempt to keep Kyle’s bethrothed from engaging in sexual relations with him in the keep running up to the wedding. This is precarious in Almost Married as the greater part of its female characters appear to be totally and absolutely fixated on sex, none more so than Emily Atack’s Lydia, life partner extraordinaire.The script itself feels like the first draft of a normal lighthearted comedy. The jokes are progressively unsurprising, similar to the movies different wanders aimlessly. Now and again I wished I could be watching back in the solace I could call my own home, absolutely so I could shout at the TV as the characters settled on crazy choice after ludicrous choice. It felt like I had seen the film some time recently, as though some kind of film-production paint-by-numbers.Take one affable man, one less-affable however haughty and accordingly clever (?) man, one appealing lady who is fit for being on a motion picture notice yet not so much being in the film that much, two arrangements of folks who are divertingly folks, include an upbeat closure and you’ve got a hit right? Worked for Gavin and Stacey on the Beeb, so why not for Ben Cookson highlight debut.


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